Transport | Australian Greens


1.1.         Principles

1.1.1.         In the interests of sustainable growth and a healthy environment and community, the most efficient and sustainable modes of transport must be promoted.

1.1.2.         Carbon emissions from traffic and congestion pose immediate problems for all governments, and are best addressed by rapid and significant increases in funding for sustainable transport modes.

1.1.3.         Car share programs should be supported by Council and integrated with public transport systems.

1.1.4.         A cycling culture focused on safety, respect and integrated road use promotes the health and strength of the community as a whole.

1.1.5.         Walking is an important mode of transport and should be recognised in all transport and infrastructure planning accordingly.

1.1.6.         Parks and community infrastructure should be free from the threat of new roads.

1.2.         Aims

1.2.1.         Prioritise active transport (walking, cycling and public transport) in planning decisions, particularly in urban renewal precincts.

1.2.2.         Advocate for investment in new public transport, including major rail projects such as a link to the airport, increased frequency on the Craigieburn line, and conversion of the Showgrounds spur line to a regular commuter rail service.

1.2.3.         Support the transfer to fully accessible tram stops, while ensuring such improvements integrate with other active transport modes and do not reduce pedestrian accessibility or impact on cyclist safety.

1.2.4.         Support car share schemes by providing on-street spaces for share cars.

1.2.5.         Design shared pathways that minimise conflict between pedestrians and cyclists.

1.2.6.         Create a cycling culture focused on safety and respect.

1.2.7.         Fast-track the expansion of the City of Moonee Valley’s bicycle network to make it safe, connected, convenient and direct.

1.2.8.         Work with relevant stakeholders to improve the travel time and frequency of trams travelling through Moonee Valley, via the provision of separated right-of-way where possible, and more scheduled services.