Victorian Greens Facilitators Network

About us ... from little things big things grow

The facilitators network was started by Jim Buckell and Josephine Maguire-Rosier in June 2015 with Janet Rice as our patron. They wanted to provide some support, training and resources around facilitation to members across the party.

In February 2017, our application to become an official working group of the Victorian Greens was supported by state council. The purpose of the network is “to promote facilitation as a key skill for members of the AGV by serving as a forum for sharing ideas, developing skills and providing expertise and advice to the AGV in all aspects of facilitation.”

Facilitators need training  

The network grew out of a need to maintain and build skills across the party in running great meetings, making good decisions by consensus and working well together in the spirit of collaboration that underpins our culture. Many of us have found that as the party grows we face bigger and more important decisions and we don’t always know how best to proceed, especially when we face a wide range of views.

We discovered as we rolled out our training sessions that there was a big appetite for the skills and processes we were teaching. However, we were only ever able to scratch the surface because as volunteers our time was limited. Now we are an official body of the party we have been able to put forward a modest budget submission so this training can be stepped up and delivered professionally.

A budget to support our work 

There is now some money in the Victorian Greens budget to help volunteers at all levels of the party access professionally delivered training in facilitation. This program will be stepped up over the four-year forward budget cycle in conjunction with the Melbourne-based Groupwork Institute. 

... And some elected office bearers to help manage stuff 

In the meantime we need to elect some office bearers to help manage the network ... (more to come)

How you can get involved

There are a few ways to get involved in the network, which is open to all members of the Greens.

  • Opt in to membership to hear our news and receive our training schedules by filling out the form on the right
  • Come to a training session - a training schedule will be developed over the next few months
  • Contact us for advice or support - see contacts below right