Jenny O'Connor | Australian Greens

Jenny O'Connor

Councillor for Indigo Shire

Jenny works as a health professional in the primary health sector. A sixth generation Northeast Victorian and former small business owner, Jenny is well placed to comment on policy areas that impact on the well-being of rural people.

Jenny O’Connor was elected in 2012 as a councillor on Indigo Shire Council in Northeast Victoria. Jenny has worked as a nurse in a range of health services including community and health services, and has owned and operated small businesses.

Jenny has a strong commitment to improving the wellbeing of people in rural communities by advocating for better services, and supporting local agriculture and tourism sectors to encourage economic development and work towards sustainability for our future.

Since her election to Indigo Shire Council in 2012, Jenny has been involved in a number of initiatives to protect the environment and improve the lives of people in our rural towns. These initiatives included introducing a ban on Coal Seam Gas exploration in Indigo shire, a policy to reduce the use of single use plastic bags and bottled water, and working towards adopting a scheme to allow low income people to access rooftop solar panels.

Jenny has chosen to stand with The Greens because of a shared commitment to protecting the environment and supporting sustainability.