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Katherine Copsey

Councillor for Port Phillip, Lake Ward

I’m a local and I’m passionate about community engagement, a safe environment and a thriving local economy.

Katherine is a passionate local, who cares about the community she lives in. She is proud of our eclectic neighbourhoods, our thriving local marketplaces, our rich cultural heritage and our natural environment. She cares about the protection of our neighbourhoods and fostering community renewable energy solutions.

As a former planner and environment lawyer, Katherine has a solid understanding of the role of local government and of community needs in planning. She understands local issues like improving childcare and early education facilities, protecting our cultural heritage and the ways we can positively engage the community at local government level.

Katherine wants to address inequalities through mental health and homelessness support. She cares about promoting sustainable development and new energy initiatives to promote quality and clean living in Lake Ward.


Latest News


Greens councillors in the City of Port Phillip have called on the State Government and any purchaser of the Gatwick Hotel to contribute to replacement housing within the municipality.

In response to news of the sale, Cr Tim Baxter expressed concern over the 80-bed gap created by the hotel’s closure.

“If The Block has made this purchase, I can only hope that a large media network such as Channel 9, with such deep pockets, will feel compelled to assist with the housing crisis that this sale and closure has exacerbated,” remarked Cr Baxter.