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The Yarra unsafe and unhealthy

Doncaster, Victoria – Samantha Dunn, Greens MP for Eastern Metropolitan, says the Yarra River is often unsafe to swimmers and has been polluted for far too long.

Protect our parks before they’re all gone

This week in parliament, Greens MP for Eastern Metropolitan and spokesperson for planning, Samantha Dunn MP, urged the Roads Minister to intervene and protect public open space in Boroondara.

Inquiry announced into 'metre matters' bicycle overtaking laws

Greens transport spokesperson Samatha Dunn says a new parliamentary inquiry into the Greens ‘Metre Matters’ bill is the first step towards minimum passing distances for bicycles.

Time to legalise Uber

Greens transport spokesperson Samantha Dunn says it’s time for the Victorian Government to get on with legalising ride sharing service Uber.

Communities standing up to attacks on forests

2016 has begun with battles to protect some of south east Australia’s most precious forests, with the Greens throwing their support behind protesters in Victoria and Tasmania.

Victoria lagging behind - A Metre Matters

Greens transport spokesperson Samantha Dunn says NSW’s decision to introduce minimum passing distances for motorists overtaking bicycles has left Victoria lagging behind.

Case for Melbourne Airport train line continues to grow

The case for a train line to Melbourne Airport continues to grow as passenger movements reached record levels in October 2015. 

Greens transport spokesperson Samantha Dunn says the Government should start planning the construction of a train line to the airport.

Forest task force recommits to log native forests

Greens forests spokesperson Samantha Dunn says it’s disappointing that the forest industry task force has committed to continue to source timber from the critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possum habitat.

Public transport must be built in the public interest

The Greens have warned that farming out the build of Melbourne Metro Rail to the private sector isn't the best or cheapest way to build this public asset.

Widening Monash will make congestion worse

Greens transport spokesperson Samantha Dunn says building a new toll road and widening the Monash Freeway again will create more congestion.