New contracts promise more late, unreliable trains and trams

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Greens transport spokesperson Samantha Dunn says public transport passengers will suffer from the government’s decision to award new contracts to Metro Trains Melbourne and Yarra Trams.

The government today handed Metro and Yarra Trams $7 billion in contracts, which weren't opened up to competitive tender.

“This will deliver seven more years of late, unreliable and overcrowded trains and trams,” Samantha Dunn said.

“Privatising these services has failed to improve the train and tram systems, and wasted billions of taxpayers dollars.

“Melbourne's trains are horribly unreliable because Metro has failed to maintain the network. Melbourne’s north west get less frequent trams than they did a year ago because Yarra Trams cut services.

“The fact this deal was cooked up in private, without any competitive processes is a sad indictment on this Labor government.

“Public transport should be in public hands, not run for private profit” she said.