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For your safety, we’ll push for better cycling infrastructure and legislation

A METRE MATTERS - Make a submission

Victorian Greens MP Samantha Dunn has introduced a Bill to Victorian parliament to make bike riders safer on the road, by providing a safe overtaking space of at least one metre.

It's been taken to an inquiry and we need you to make a submission supporting the "A Metre Matters" legislation. 

 Support Safer Cyling

Better infrastructure, better legislation

Cycling has been growing ever popular, but our legislation and infrastructure have not kept up pace. Previous governments have failed to adequately invest in cycling infrastructure and our current government has allotted no extra funding. 

People who do choose to cycle face many hurdles. These include, as a few examples: 
» unsafe conditions, like being required to cycle across a high speed slip lane
» bike paths that do not connect to each other or to public transport
» no defined safe passing distance, meaning cyclists have no guaranteed buffer zone

The Greens want to make it easier for anyone to grab a bike and go, because increasing cycling participation means increasing community health while decreasing pollution and road congestion. 

In order to do this, we’ll fight for:
» The introduction of ‘A Metre Matters’ legislation, so that “a safe passing distance” is defined under law.
» Connection and construction of various bike paths and infrastructure, including bike lockers at 20 train stations. 
» Cycling infrastructure to be considered as a core outcome of infrastructure planning across government. 
» A change in the current culture where cyclists are not regarded safely or fairly. 

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