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We stand for protecting Victoria's beautiful native forests for future generations.

SIGN THE PETITION - Protect our forests

We strongly support the protection of our beautiful native forests for biodiversity protection, for tourism, for water catchment preservation, for carbon stores and for our future generations.

Sign the petition calling on the Victorian Government to:

• Recognise that VicForests has an unsustainable business model.

• Support the transition from native forests jobs and products to commercial plantation jobs and products.

• Create the Great Forest National Park for the protection of the Leadbeater’s Possum and other endangered species.

 Protect Our Forests

We mustn't log our native forests

Victoria has 7.14 million hectares of native forest on public land, with 3.14 million designated as state forest.  An average of 5000 hectares is logged per year in Victoria, the highest of any state.  Some of the most diverse and beautiful mature forests in the world are right here in Victoria.  We're lucky to have them and we have a responsibility to look after them.

The Greens continue to demand the transition of timber supply from native forests to commercial plantations.  This will also create more jobs than protecting a small number of jobs in the dwindling native logging industry.

The market for native forest pulp to make paper is drying up. The Government is even looking at burning native forests for electricity - following the recent inclusion of this in the Renewable Energy Targets scheme by the Federal Government.

The Greens support the creation a new national park on Melbourne’s doorstep to end native forest destruction and protect the critically endangered Leadbeater's Possum.  A new national park in the Central Highlands to the east of Melbourne will secure our water supply and protect biodiversity for future generations - from the tallest flowering trees in the world to the Victoria's faunal emblem, the Leadbeater’s Possum.

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