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We'll work to improve planning outcomes for Victorian communities.

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Planning for communities of the future

The Greens support genuine community participation in planning decisions and infrastructure planning based on long-term social, environmental and economic objectives, not politics and short term commercial interests.

We want infrastructure planning for our cities, towns and local communities that prioritises social cohesion, ecological sustainability and active transport.  We want planning decisions to give real priority to social equity and ecological sustainability – including open space and biodiversity.  

We need to ensure that social and environmental objectives have the correct priority in all planning decisions.

Planning reform is needed to:  

  • promote real and meaningful community participation in planning decisions.
  • ensure that active transport (cycling and walking) and social housing is mandated as a priority planning requirement for new neighbourhoods.  
  • better balance the influence of land developers with the long term interests of local communities.
  • improve the ecological sustainability outcomes of planning decisions.
  • simplify planning schemes flexible to accommodate local community needs, while providing certainty.
  • make significant transport and infrastructure projects subject to public audit and assessment. 
  • legislate for a permanent green belt that operates as a fixed limit on urban growth.
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