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Roads and Road Safety

We'll fight traffic congestion while improving the safety of our road network.


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Clearer roads, safer roads

Melbourne's roads are choked with too many single occupant cars and too many freight trucks.  Tolerance is increasingly giving way to road-rage. 

What can the Greens do about this?

Roads are a critical part of an integrated transport plan, but the Government has no plan.  The Greens will keep the pressure on Government to develop a strategic land-use plan for Melbourne and for Victoria which includes an integrated transport plan.  The Greens vision for liveable cities and towns relies on integrated transport planning.  

A reduction in single-occupant car trips and less freight trucks is good for emissions reduction, good for the economy, good for the climate and good for healthy and happy communities.

It is important to fix the road network where there are problems, but the Greens know that big new road projects lead to.... more big new road projects. History shows that big new roads encourage more cars and trucks, requiring more big new roads. Climate change, peak oil and urban sprawl make Victoria's present transport reality unsustainable.  

The Greens want road infrastructure development to be better balanced against investment in public transport, and active transport infrastructure. Urban planning that builds activity centres around intermodal transport hubs, minimises travel distances. Road network management that uses "modal priority zones" make cities more liveable.

The Greens will work hard for road management laws and systems that put communities first, and encourage sustainable transport choices. 

Examples include:  

» a minimum distance rule for motorists passing bicycles​
» appropriate traffic priority rules for trams and buses 
» pedestrian precincts that make sense for businesses and communities
» boosting motorcycle safety laws
» education programs that promote tolerance between all road users​
» car pooling and car sharing programs
» getting freight onto rail and off the roads

The Victorian Greens will work hard to reform road management policies and road safety laws to make roads safer and more sustainable.  This is all about consultation with local communities and learning from local and international experience.  


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