Committees | Sue Pennicuik


Sue Pennicuik is a member of two Parliamentary Committees.

Public Accounts and Estimates Committee

The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) deals with all matters related to public administration and finances. It has three main responsibilities: public accounts, estimates and audit. The committee is a joint investigatory committee, meaning it draws its eight members from both houses.

One of its functions is to inquire into the annual Victorian Budget papers. Over two weeks in July, public hearings are held to allow PAEC to ask budget-related questions of all ministers, departmental secretaries and the parliament’s presiding officers. It also oversees the Victorian Inspectorate, the key organisation in the state’s integrity and anti-corruption system, and appoints the Auditor-General and sets their broad objectives.

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Legislative Council Procedure Committee

The Legislative Council Procedure Committee is formed at the start of each parliament to look at any matter relating to the practices and procedures of the house. The committee consists of eight members from the government, the opposition and the crossbench. Prior to 2010, the Committee was known as the Standing Orders Committee.

In 2010, Sue Pennicuik moved that the committee investigate creating Senate-style standing committees to scrutinise and evaluate legislation (read Sue's speech here). In 2010, three committees were established, providing Victorians with a more accountable and transparent system of government.

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