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Everyone should have opportunities to experience and participate in all forms of the arts.

Our culture and heritage.

Artistic expression is fundamental to vibrant and healthy communities. Everyone should have opportunities to experience and participate in all forms of the arts. Education has a key role in fostering appreciation and understanding of the arts, as well as the skills necessary for artistic practice.

Sue Pennicuik is the Victorian Greens’ spokesperson for Creative Industries and the Arts. The Greens in Victorian Parliament are fighting for:

  • Protection of culture and heritage, including artworks, buildings and intangible heritage such as stories and memories.
  • Development of libraries, museums and other collecting institutions, which are essential repositories of cultural heritage.
  • Support for cultural infrastructure in suburban and regional areas, and incorporation of arts perspectives into urban planning.
  • Well-resourced art education classes for school students, and specialist programs for aspiring artists.
  • Improve employment opportunities for artists by streamlining grant applications, expanding training opportunities and offering government support to arts organisations.
  • Support for community radio and television.
  • Respect and protection of the work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists through legislation, policy and funding priorities.
  • Development of the Southbank Arts Precinct to improve connections between the state's major arts institutions.

Victoria’s cultural heritage stretches from pre-European settlement to the present day, inclusive of indigenous, immigrant and contemporary Australians. The funding and financing of developments and projects involving our shared heritage by Government, non-government, private sector and private individuals is in the public interest.

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