Victorian Greens Stolen Generations redress scheme

A state-based reparations scheme for members of the Stolen Generation as a key Victorian Greens election promise.


The Victorian Greens have announced a state based reparations scheme for members of the Stolen Generation as a key part of their 2018 election platform. 

More than two decades on from the Bringing Them Home report, and 10 years after the apology to the Stolen Generations, Victoria is the only state in Australia not to provide some form of compensation scheme. 

The Greens' plan involves a $110 million package including $200,000 compensation for each member of the Stolen Generations, up to the value of $100 million over two years, and $10 million over four years for dedicated aged care services and creating memorials.

Spokesperson for Aboriginal Affairs, Lidia Thorpe, says there is no way members of the Stolen Generations can be fully compensated after what they have been through, but this will bring some relief. 

Quotes Attributed to MP Lidia Thorpe

"It's been ten years since the apology to the Stolen Generation and still Victorian survivors have received no compensation for the trauma they endured. It’s appalling that the Andrews Government has done nothing to address this, especially at a time when they are trying to negotiate treaties.

"It’s deeply shameful that we continue to re-traumatise people by failing to act on this unfinished business. Members of the Stolen Generations deserve to finally have some peace and comfort through the provision of a reparations scheme."

"Without action, the apology to the Stolen Generations we all worked so hard for is almost meaningless."

Please find the Victorian Greens Stolen Generation Initiative in attached PDF.


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