Aleisha Smith

State Candidate for Geelong

Hi, I'm Aleisha

I am a born-and-raised Geelong local business owner, and I am committed to pushing for positive change in our community.

Geelong is fast becoming a diverse, vibrant city full of young professionals, families and students and it's time our elected representation reflected this. The major parties have taken us for granted for too long - it’s time for change. The Greens will push to protect our precious coastline and prevent unacceptable risk to our environment by challenging the proposed Viva and Vopak terminals and gas exploration off the coast of our 12 Apostles.

We need immediate action to address the cost-of-living crisis, improve housing affordability, meaningful action on the climate emergency, and upgrades to local infrastructure that support Geelong as the major city it has become.

Your vote is powerful. With your help, I will be the progressive representative Geelong needs.