Anab Mohamud

Councillor for Yarra City Council - Langridge ward

My name is Anab Mohamud and I’ve lived in the Atherton Gardens (Fitzroy) Public Housing Estate since 2006.

I came to Australia as a refugee 20 years ago, as the eldest in a family of nine and a single parent to my 7 year old daughter.  

I’m deeply involved in my community’s activities, including as convenor of the Somali Women’s group. Prior to being elected to council, I have worked as a Community Liaison Officer, providing support to a diverse school community, including African and other multicultural students and parents.  

Whilst living in Fitzroy I’ve assisted newly arrived migrants feel welcome and integrate successfully into our community. More recently, I’ve assisted them access essential services such as foodbanks, financial help, homework clubs and internet access to families that couldn’t afford to pay for it.

I feel a strong connection to Greens values.

As a young woman from a Somali background growing up in Australia, I’ve faced the common struggles that young people from African backgrounds experience: feeling we are outsiders and can never belong here. 

I want to send a strong message to young women from African backgrounds that this is our home too, that we have every right to become whatever we dream to be. We can respect each other’s choices and beliefs without feeling that we have to change who we are to be accepted.

My experience has given me deep insights into the issues that public housing and multicultural communities face in the city of Yarra.  As a public housing resident, I have firsthand experience of the struggles our community faces, the feeling of neglect, disenfranchisement and voicelessness.

Developing strong community relationships is the foundation of everything I do.  I will bring valuable knowledge and experience to Yarra Council, broadening its representation of our community.