Ben Chester

State Candidate for Kororoit

Hi, I'm Ben Chester


I grew up in regional Victoria and understand how the lack of focus on our electorate has led to the current challenges we are now facing. As cost-of-living increases while the support for local health, transport and education infrastructure remains low, the people of Kororoit are ignored while the major parties focus elsewhere. 

As your local Greens representative, I stand for a transparent and accountable government that will directly address the challenges facing our region. We will stop the major parties from taking us for granted, fight for meaningful policies to improve health services, transport infrastructure, and push the government further and faster on the climate emergency. The Greens will build more affordable homes, end out-of-control rent rises, and ban political donations from property developers. 

Your vote is powerful, and with your help we can keep the Liberals out and hold the next government to account.