Daniel Lessa

State Candidate for Mordialloc

Hi, I'm Daniel

I’m a proud local who comes from a long line of activists. I’m a passionate advocate for social and environmental justice and ready to be your next representative for Mordialloc.

Our community has been taken for granted by the major parties for too long, and our needs have been ignored. With green space and beautiful coastline in our electorate, protecting our natural environment is a vital part of preserving the uniqueness of our area. We are already experiencing the dangerous impacts of the climate crisis. Only the Greens have a plan to tackle the climate crisis by replacing coal and gas with 100% renewable energy by 2030.

The cost of living crisis is making daily life challenging for local families. The Greens will improve the standard of living for Victorians with more affordable housing, and cheaper energy, education and transport. 

Your vote is powerful.