Cate Sinclair

State Candidate for Northern Victoria

Hi, I'm Dr. Cate Sinclair

I am a local health clinician and researcher managing my own small business, and mother of three. 

Northern Victoria is facing severe impacts of climate change, and droughts, fires and floods have tested the resilience of our local community.

We need to replace coal and gas with 100% renewable energy by 2030, but Labor and the Liberals are backing more coal and gas. 

For too long, our region has been taken for granted by the major parties. Investment into health, transport and housing affordability hasn’t kept up with the needs of the community. The Greens will invest in our Northern communities to keep our region liveable and thriving, which includes caring for our unique natural environment.

With your support, I will push for a more transparent government that listens to the needs of regional Victoria, and build a strong, green future for all.