Dr Olivia Ball

Councillor for Melbourne City Council

Together we create the future. Conventional notions of what’s possible have been shaken up.

We need to come together, knowing that this is a moment we can change society for the better.

Local government has the power to drive changes we need for a safe climate. We need to lay down sustainable parameters for our city and support community action: whether it be reducing food waste, encouraging recycling, protecting native species, planting trees and veggies, walking, cycling, retrofitting buildings or supercharging renewable energy.

Local government also shares responsibility for complex social challenges. A people-focussed, compassionate Council will not rest til our public realm is accessible and everyone has a decent place to call home.

Melbourne is the most multicultural and progressive city in Australia and will soon be the biggest. We should lead Australia and the world in sustainability and liveability.

I have lived, worked and studied in the City of Melbourne for most of my life, having lived in Carlton and Flemington, worked in the CBD, West Melbourne, Carlton and Southbank and studied at Melbourne Uni and RMIT.

As a human rights advocate, with a Masters and PhD in human rights, I have worked in women’s, children’s, workers’, refugee and older people’s rights, and as an advisor on the impact of climate change on food security. I also have a science degree, giving me skills in assessing evidence and research. Most recently, I have been studying town planning and environmental sustainability at RMIT and I work in the drug outreach program at Fitzroy Legal Service.

We can’t achieve social justice without looking after our environment. We all depend on the safety of the climate, the viability of our food systems, the survival of our forests, the purity of our air and water.

The need is great and time is short. That’s what brings me to serve on Council. I will be a steadfast voice for sustainability, accessibility and democracy.