Emily Bieber

State Candidate for Ivanhoe

Hi, I’m Emily Bieber


As a local business owner, educator, union member and mother to three children, I have over 16 years of experience in the needs of our local community. 

Labor has been taking us for granted by allowing more coal and gas and dragging their feet on affordable housing. They disproportionately fund chaotic road infrastructure, creating an environmental scar running through the area. We need to invest in renewables and fund key services. 

As your representative, I will increase funding for community resources, invest in affordable housing, and ensure smarter spending on infrastructure that protects the green spaces we enjoy for socialising, exercising and their natural beauty. I’ll also get us out of dirty coal and gas to secure a safe climate future for us all. 

Vote 1 Greens so we can stop the major parties taking us for granted.