Esther Gleixner

State Candidate for Nepean

Hi, I'm Esther Gleixner


I have lived, worked and raised a family in Nepean, over the past 45 years. I am passionate about protecting our green wedges, wildlife, coast lines, and the way of life we all share in this beautiful environment.

We have had to constantly fight to protect our Green Wedges, national parks and Port Phillip and Western Port Bays from inappropriate developments. As your Greens representative, I will halt species extinction of our precious wildlife and preserve our natural environment.

Our local community has been taken for granted by the major parties. We need to fix homelessness with public housing, urgently address the local home aged care crisis, and take action against soaring electricity and cost of living prices. 

With your support, we can bring hope and confidence back into government, and push for genuine, transparent and accountable representation in parliament.