Helen McLeod

Candidate for Kooyong

I am passionate about our environment and committed to taking action on climate change. I want to ensure that we leave a sustainable, prosperous and fair country for future generations.

Hi, I'm Helen and I'm your candidate for Kooyong. I have spent my professional life working as an actuary in the finance and insurance industries in Australia and many other countries (including the US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and China), working in senior roles in large international consultancies and being responsible for the Asia-Pacific actuarial teams for one of the world’s largest insurance companies. 

Much of my work involved financial risk management, including long-term financial projections for insurance business. This was where I long ago became acutely aware of the ever-increasing cost of extreme weather events. The greatest risk we all face is that of climate change and the only way to manage this risk is to take strong and urgent action now.

That is why I am standing as the Greens candidate for Kooyong. A strong Greens vote in this area will deliver an unmistakable message that we want investment in clean renewable energy, not coal. 

I have lived in the Kooyong electorate for nearly 30 years and I know that people here are willing to stand up for a clean economy and fair society.

Will you join me to help deliver a strong Greens vote in Kooyong and give the clearest message possible that we care about a safe, prosperous and fair future for everyone?

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Candidate for Kooyong, Helen McLeod


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