James Searle

Hi, I'm James

I’m a former local councillor, unionist and I’m ready to be the progressive voice our community needs.

Our beautiful natural environment is under threat from unprecedented natural disasters. We need to tackle the climate crisis by replacing coal and gas with 100% renewable energy by 2030, but the major parties are ignoring the crisis. With better, more accessible public transport and cheaper electric vehicles, we can have an impact in the short-term.

I know first hand how the cost of living crisis is affecting Bendigo - there simply aren’t enough affordable rentals to go around, rents are unaffordable and other housing is inaccessible. The Greens will build more affordable homes, end out-of-control rent rises, and ban political donations from property developers. 

The Government isn’t doing enough - it’s time for change and a positive, sustainable vision for the future.

Your vote is powerful.