Councillor for Moreland, South Ward

”I'm an East Brunswick local and I love living in a diverse and vibrant community. I care about preserving our natural environment, supporting sustainable development and making sure walking and cycling is a safe and enjoyable option for everyone.”

Jess cares for an open and consultative local government. She cares about providing a strong voice for the community standing for open and transparent local government that works in close partnership with the local community to address the needs and interests of residents and businesses. 

Jess is a strong advocate for sustainable urban development, food production, water conservation and waste reduction. Jess feels strongly about making sure everyone can easily access the services they need to be healthy and has a vision for an effective public transport system powered by renewable energy. 

With a Bachelor degree in Public Health and Health Promotion, Jess has worked closely with local government on issues such as supporting access to healthy food and advocating for infrastructure to support walking and cycling. Her skills in policy development, community engagement and research mean she is a strong local voice for the community. 

Jess stands with the Greens due to a shared vision for a society that cares about people and the environment. With her knowledge and collaborative nature, provides a strong voice for the Moreland community, with the courage to stand up for decisions that support a healthy, connected and sustainable Moreland. 


Phone: 0403 909 755

Level 1, 45 William Street Melbourne, 3000

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