Jessamine Moffett

State Candidate for Clarinda

Hi, I'm Jessamine

I’m a life-long local of Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs, and a healthcare advocate and student.

As a young person with a disability, I know first-hand what it’s like to deal with the current cost of living pressures. The crisis in our healthcare system is shocking, and needs to be addressed urgently. The Greens will improve the standard of living for Victorians with more affordable housing, cheaper energy, education and transport and a stronger health system. 

The major parties have taken our community for granted, and it’s time for change. We deserve representation that is free of corruption and corporate donations. Instead of looking after people, Labor and the Liberals have prioritised making profits at the expense of our green spaces, climate action and affordable housing.

With your support, our community can thrive with better, more transparent and progressive representation. Your vote is powerful.