Joanne Shan

State Candidate for Box Hill

Hi, I'm Joanne

I am a second-generation Tamil, Sinhalese and Burgher woman ready to be the voice Box Hill needs. The community has been taken for granted by the major parties for too long.

 A lack of representation of community in positions of power has meant long-term infrastructure needs of the area have been neglected. Box Hill is a diverse community that has unique needs and wants, and not enough has been done to involve local community in the planning and development of the electorate.

The Greens will change this by pushing for a more open, transparent, and accountable government. We will pursue climate justice and First Nations justice, by getting Treaty done. We will address the cost-of-living crisis, the problems in local health and transport infrastructure, and the lack of affordable housing.

With your vote, we can create a government that truly represents us.