Josh Fergeus

Councillor for the City of Monash

Housing is a human rights issue.

I am a currently a  PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, and I hold degrees in Social Work, Arts and Teaching. I am passionate about creating a safe and nurturing environment for all children and young people, education, social justice, and human rights.

I’m the first Greens Councillor to serve the City of Monash. I’m also Chair of the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action. I have extensive experience in numerous areas including child, youth, and family welfare, public health, mental health, disability, and education.

Some of the issues and initiatives I’ve championed include:

  • Major investment in footpaths and bicycle paths
  • #BanTheBag
  • Marriage equality
  • Council's first Affordable Housing Strategy

There are a lot of challenges facing our state. Housing is a human right and we should not be selling off public housing to big developers.

As your Councillor, I will work to create a safe, fair and just Victoria, where everyone has the dignity of a roof over their head and a safe and sustainable future. 

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