Julian Burnside

Candidate for Kooyong

Hi, I’m Julian and I’m pleased to be the Greens candidate for Kooyong this federal election.

For years, people have asked me whether I wanted to be in Parliament. I always told them I wasn’t interested. But it’s clear to me that things need to change, and that has motivated me to run for Parliament.

I’ve decided to stand for election in Kooyong and for the Greens because of the situation our community, our country and our planet are facing.


For years the major parties have allowed people to be misled and ignored when it comes to climate change, refugee policy, and addressing inequality. They’re driven by self interest and by the demands of their big corporate donors pulling the strings.

People are not being listened to and they are not being respected by the Liberals or Labor.

Unlike the major parties, Greens policies are centred around people: caring about how people are treated, about the opportunities we have throughout our lives, the world we live in and the world we hand on to those who come after us – and these policies deliver results.

Time and again the Greens – in Parliament and in the community – deliver outcomes, lead the political debate and give voice to the people and issues the major parties ignore.

As a Greens candidate and as a Greens MP, I'll have honest and frank conversations with people about how we have been let down by the Liberals and Labor, and how the Greens’ plans put the wellbeing of everyone at its centre.

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