Kellie Stafford

State Candidate for Bulleen

Hi, I'm Kellie Stafford


I am a local pharmacist, and I am committed to transparent, accountable action from our government and elected representatives.

Our communities have been taken for granted by the major parties for too long. We need urgent investment into the hospitals, aged-care and mental health sectors in our electorate. Every election, vague promises are made to fix these areas, yet very little details are provided, and even less is actually done.

The rising cost of living and housing unaffordability is significantly impacting our area. The Greens are committed to improving these outcomes, as well as protecting the beautiful green spaces in our area, such as Ruffey Lake and Westerfolds parks, and keeping them in the hands of the public, not developers.

Together, we can make the Bulleen electorate even more liveable and keep the way of life that everyone in the area can enjoy