Kiran Vempati

State Candidate for Cranbourne

Hi, I'm Kiran

I’m a Cranbourne local who understands the needs of our unique, multicultural community.

This election, the Greens represent a real opportunity to put our community and our environment ahead of the interests of big business and create a government for us, not corporations. With your support, we can send a message that we deserve a more accountable, transparent government that serves the electorate.

We need to take meaningful action to address the cost of living crisis, address infrastructure challenges and tackle housing affordability and availability. Our area urgently needs a response to the lack of affordable and available housing. The Greens will build more affordable homes, end out-of-control rent rises, and ban political donations from property developers.  Another issue that must be addressed urgently is the  improved road connectivity to Cranbourne and neighbouring suburbs.

The Greens will also push the government further and faster to combat the climate emergency to create long-term solutions that preserve our local environment.

Your vote is powerful.