Liz Chase

Federal Candidate for Jagajaga

Hi, I'm Liz

I am a fifth generation Australian and Jagajaga local of 25 years. Married with two step-children, I also care for my disabled sister and am active in community and theatrical groups. 

I’ll be your honest, courageous representative, using my experience in management, science and public health to champion evidence-based solutions for our community. 

While the Liberal and Labor parties make bold statements about climate action, they are beholden to their big corporate donors. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Just a small change in the vote could put the Greens in the balance of power. We can tackle the climate crisis and kick-start the renewables revolution in Australia. Let’s restore free education, get dental and mental healthcare into Medicare, and properly care for our aging population.

I will work tirelessly for action on climate change and a fairer Australia. The Chase is on for Jagajaga!