Mark Riley

Councillor for Moreland, South Ward

”I'm a Brunswick local and I love being active and collaborating with people here in Moreland. I care about listening to constituents concerns and suggestions to create positive outcomes for the local community and the whole of Moreland.”

Mark is a Brunswick local, actively involved in the community through his paid and voluntary work. Committed to contributing to social inclusion, he campaigned for gay and lesbian rights during the nineties and later worked with the Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men's Health Centre conducting outreach work.

Mark continues to be involved in local community building projects such as the re-vegetation work undertaken at Brunswick Station, staffing the Urban Orchard food swap table each month and organising the 2015 Return of the Sacred Kingfisher event at CERES. This involvement in the community has given him first-hand experience into different issues confronting the community, including homelessness and housing, urban planning and democracy, fair pay for low-paid workers in the textile and clothing industries, health issues and education.

Mark has chosen to stand with The Greens due to a shared concern for the environment and social justice. He is a Board member at CERES Environment Park and a founding member of Climate Action Moreland. Mark is passionate about greening of community streets, advancing of Moreland's social housing strategy to achieve real housing outcomes and new pathways for investors and initiatives for young people to be more active in our city.


Phone: 0432 030 211

Level 1, 45 William Street Melbourne 3000

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