Mitchell Fuller

State Candidate for Malvern

Hi, I'm Mitchell 

I am a lawyer and activist who has lived in and around Malvern my entire life. I am here to bring integrity back into politics and be a progressive representative for the people of Malvern.

The major parties represent more of the same—frequent scandals, divisive identity politics and little actual consideration for the needs of the electorate.

We need an alternative that stands for transparency and accountability in parliament. As your Greens representative, I am that alternative.

Together, we can implement policies that will halt the rising cost of living, remove political donation loopholes and give IBAC teeth to weed out corruption, tackle the housing crisis, and fight climate change by replacing coal and gas with 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Your vote is powerful. With your help, The Greens can keep the Liberals out and hold the next government to account.