Nadia Sirninger Rankin

Hi I’m  Nadia Sirninger Rankin

I am a passionate young artist, local to Melbourne’s beautiful east. 

As a renter, I’ve experienced the current cost of living pressures first-hand. The Greens will address inadequate local transport infrastructure and push to provide more support to a health service under significant strain. Our arts and cultural spaces are suffering after the pandemic - the Greens will support artists with a living wage.

The major parties have taken our area for granted for too long. Instead of looking after people, Labor and the Liberals give special treatment to big corporate interests.

We need to address the climate crisis and preserve our green spaces. Our precious Lake Knox is still under threat from developers, and local wildlife is suffering. The Greens will push the government further and faster on climate and phase out our reliance on fossil fuels. Your vote is powerful.