Natalie Abboud

Mayor of Moreland, North-East Ward

Natalie is a Coburg North local, living with her husband and young kids in the northern suburbs, where she was born and raised. She enjoys the livability of her community and will stand for prosperous small business  – the backbone of the economy.

Natalie is a Coburg North local, where she runs a small business. She is actively involved in community groups in the area and helped secure the Coburg North Primary School Farmer's Market as part of her work on the board of a not-for-profit. She is responsible for organising political forums as part of Fair Food Week and is passionate about local produce, the sustainability that goes with it and the jobs it creates.

A restaurateur, a fair food advocate and a parent, Natalie understands the broad issues the community faces and will work to highlight what is needed to increase liveability in the region. She is particularly concerned about the need for local, national and global action on climate change and the importance of clean air, fresh water and unpolluted land for future generations. She looks forward to investment in public transport, solar panels and wind farms and the job creation that comes with it.

Natalie is tired of the failings of past governments and chose to stand with The Greens due to their shared vision of a liveable community that cares for people and the environment. She passionately supports the Greens policies, especially those related to education, health and clean energy.


Phone: 0499 807 166

Level 1, 45 William Street Melbourne 3000

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