Nicole Rowan

Nominee for Victorian Senate

Time to take the Greens to the next level, time to elect a TAX specialist to the Senate

Choosing our next Senator

Now, more than ever, we need integrity, compassion and vision in our political leadership. We need our policies to be implemented. We need a Green New Deal.

But, to do this, we have to lift our vote.

We can all bring principles of environmental justice to Canberra; but I can bring tax, economic and financial integrity to the place where it really matters. Because I know and can communicate tax concepts, I can capture the economic ground and bring economic creditability to the Greens. 

My campaigns in regional Victoria have all successfully challenged the Greens’ stereotype. When we can do this on a national level, by evidencing tax and economic credibility, our vote will rise and we will take more seats.

That is why I ask you to choose me, Nicole Rowan, as your next Senator.

Skills for politics 

I am an Australian Lawyer and tax law educator with wide ranging and diverse skills and 20 years of management, teaching, accounting, stakeholder relations and community engagement experience. These skills, coupled with my passion for a sustainable future, will be ideally utilised in the Federal Parliament. 

In my current role as a Senior Tax Trainer, I have two areas of responsibility:

  1. To advocate to Treasury and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) in regards to proposed taxation law changes as well as providing technical review. To this end, I critically analyse and reflect on draft and current legislation, assessing whether it meets stated policy intentions and the ramifications for revenue collection and impact on the community.
  2. To train accountants, lawyers and financial advisors in taxation law outlining new guidance, interpreting tax cases and their implications and communicating changes to the law and how it will affect their practice, advice and clients’ circumstances. In essence, I help Accountants to practice within the law.

I am a trained forensic investigator and I apply these skills in financial and tax related areas. This has honed my attention to detail and thoroughness in reviewing documentation and following money trails; a skill that will be extremely valuable in Senate estimates.

I am a confident and experienced public speaker, having regular speaking engagements at Accounting and Tax Conferences on behalf of my firm. I am undeterred by difficult questions without notice. Every day, I stand in front of experienced Accountants, including senior partners in top tier firms, and answer their questions on complex tax technical matters. 

In addition to employment in accounting firms, as an Accountant and with the ATO, I have also worked in management roles that have required budget forecasting, financial oversight and the development and implementation of strategic visions of growth and development.

I am proud to have held the Treasurer position for a number of Not-for-profit organisations including for the Australian Greens Victoria (AGV) and the CHARTTES Training Advisory Council, which is the principal advisor to the Northern Territory Government in matters affecting the Cultural, Recreation and Tourism industries. I have also developed and conducted training sessions aimed at improving the financial literacy of board members in the community sector.

Connection to regional Victoria 

I grew up in the Mallee, on a sheep and wheat farm near Woomelang, and attended High School at Sea Lake. My family moved to Rutherglen in the early 1990s and I now reside in the Macedon Ranges. I love living in regional Victoria, and cherish being  part of a strong and vibrant rural community.

In 2016 I ran for election to the Macedon Ranges Shire Council in my ward. Whilst narrowly missing being elected to Council, I established a strong and high-profile campaign, winning a high percentage of votes and garnishing extensive support from local sporting groups, small business and the education and health sectors. People valued my understanding of the issues, capacity to listen, and deep empathy, and many voted Greens for the first time.

In 2018 I was the lead candidate for the Victorian upper house electorate of Northern Victoria. Once again, I ran a high-profile campaign that focussed on changing the commonly held stereotype of who the Greens are. I gained significant media coverage and respect for my campaign. 

Commitment to the Greens 

I am a current State Council representative. I was previously the Victorian co-delegate on the National Council; a role I held for two years. Prior to that I was the AGV Treasurer for 2 years and a member of the Probity Panel. I have been a financial member of the Greens since 2009.

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