Peter Morgan

Hi, I'm Peter

I have been a local resident for more than 20 years and have my family and career here. I have seen how successive governments have done little to address the rising cost of living, housing unaffordability and stress placed on the transport, health and education infrastructure in the area.

The Greens will push for meaningful action on all these fronts, as well as policies that meet the challenges presented by the climate emergency and reduce our reliance on coal and gas.

We will also work to improve transparency and integrity in government and push for a focus on representing the electorate over parties or donors to members of parliament.

Your vote is powerful. With your help we can create a more open, honest and effective government that is committed to representing the people of Victoria.



Latest Campaigns

We can't do what we do without the support of people like you

Make Renting Fair

Fixing the system so Victorian renters have affordable, secure and sustainable homes.

Integrity in government

It’s time to hold the government to account, and restore integrity to our parliament.

Make Housing Affordable

Victoria is in a housing crisis. We can make housing more affordable, so everyone can have a home of their own.