Piers Mitchem

Image of Piers Mitchem, Greens candidate for Kooyong.

Federal Candidate for Kooyong

Hi, I'm Piers.

 Like many living in Kooyong I am deeply concerned about the state of our politics. As a commercial lawyer with over 10 years experience I have the skills to be a powerful representative for the issues that matter most to our community. Now more than ever we need strong leadership and meaningful action: the climate crisis is threatening our society as we know it, and if we wait another 10 years it'll be too late.  

Your vote is powerful, and if just a few hundred people change their vote from the last election, the Greens can be in the balance of power. We'll use this to demand genuine climate action by phasing out coal and gas, driving investment in renewables, and creating thousands of clean jobs.  We'll also use it to hold the next government to account, taking them to task on gender equality and working to establish an anti-corruption commission.

It’s simple - to tackle the climate crisis, we have to kick the Liberals out. Join me to ensure a better future for you, your family, and all in Kooyong.