Rhonda Pryor

Federal Candidate for Maribyrnong

Hi, I'm Rhonda

I’m running for Maribyrnong because we have lost compassion for the most vulnerable in our society and only the Greens can restore this.

I’ve lived in different parts of our electorate and feel passionate about our people. My time as a senior manager in both aged care and disability services, working as an industrial negotiator and running a small business have given me the skills needed to address the challenges we face. 

The Liberal and Labor governments won’t act on the climate crisis or inequality because they take millions of dollars from big corporations and billionaires. This isn’t right - a politician’s primary loyalty should be to their electorate.

With a small change in the vote, we can get the Greens into balance of power. We can address the climate crisis, fix the NDIS, and get dental and mental healthcare into Medicare.

Together we can create a fairer future for all of us.