Roxane Ingleton

Candidate for Melbourne City Council Deputy Lord Mayor

As a midwife, I dedicate my working life to the safe births of the next generation.

But I worry about the world they will inherit.

The climate emergency is a health issue. Increasing extreme weather and bushfires directly threaten our health and daily life.

Passionate about public health, I have long campaigned for divestment from fossil fuels, for greening the healthcare industry and for human rights in healthcare.

As an active union representative, I fight for fair working conditions for my fellow nurses and midwives in public health. Coronavirus has exposed insecure work and casualisation of the workforce as a huge problem across all sectors. We need to fight for decent and future-proof jobs that are secure and safe for all Melburnians.

I’ve called Melbourne home these past 20 years and wouldn’t have it any other way. I currently live in North Melbourne and work in Parkville.

I’ve been active in local politics for more than 7 years now, listening to our community and in touch with issues affecting residents right across the City of Melbourne. I have always described Melbourne as a ‘user-friendly’ city: easy to get around, with vibrant arts and cultural scenes and leafy streets. But I fear that our governments are not addressing dangerous climate change or planning a sustainable city for everyone.

We must build a better world for the next generation to inherit. As Deputy Lord Mayor, I will fight for:

  • Protecting and enhancing our native flora and fauna and fostering urban biodiversity
  • Improving waste management including food waste and other diverse recycling streams
  • Reducing our carbon footprint with greener and more energy-efficient building standards for both new and existing structures
  • Supporting sustainable businesses and industries
  • Encouraging diverse and secure employment opportunities.

2020 has brought new, unimaginable challenges and with our plan, together we can create a stronger, more resilient Melbourne.