Suzette Rodoreda

Federal Candidate for Gellibrand

Hi, I'm Suzette

I am a passionate advocate for environmental, social and economic justice. As an ecologist and Conservation Ranger I see the effect of the climate crisis first hand, and understand the importance of a healthy environment for our own wellbeing. In Gellibrand, we have one of the most air polluted urban areas in the country, as well as critically endangered ecosystems and threatened species. 

As Australians, we face unprecedented challenges, but by taxing billionaires and big corporations we can create thousands of jobs in renewables, get dental and mental health into Medicare and ensure everyone has access to affordable housing. 

I want to represent our diverse community in Gellibrand, many of whom don’t get a fair go because of ethnicity, gender, employment status, age or living situation. Your vote is powerful, and in balance of power the Greens can push the next government towards a fairer Australia and a better life for us all.