Tom Cummings

Lead Candidate for Eastern Victoria

Hey, I'm Tom.

For the last 12 years, I've lived in Victoria's East and am passionate about our community. I have a professional history in the IT and finance sectors, and am a committed advocate for gambling law reform.

My path to this point has not been a straight one, but sadly it’s been a path that many Victorians know all too well. I was a young man when poker machines were legalised in Victoria, and like countless others, I soon developed an addiction that tore my world apart and impacted everyone around me.

My journey back from addiction was a long one, and led me to take up the fight against both the poker machine industry and the government that protects it. I became an advocate for gambling reform, a cause I believe in and stand for to this day. Our communities are being devastated by the many impacts of poker machines and I am committed to ending this.

But my journey also led me to The Greens, and it was here that I finally found a political home. The Greens genuinely care about our world, our people and our environment; they’re an organisation I’m proud to belong to and represent.

Eastern Victoria deserves a Green voice in Spring St. The region has been neglected by the old parties, who don’t understand that we need to plan for the future. Coal is on the way out, and we need to transition carefully to the new energy future to protect jobs and communities. Our farmers need support to ensure a sustainable future, both on the land and as thriving regional communities. Our forests are a national treasure that need to be protected and managed.

There are so many ways The Greens can stand up for Eastern Victoria; I’m proud and excited to be a part of it.

Together, we can have our voices heard in state parliament. Will you help me and to make sure that Eastern Victoria doesn't get left behind?

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