Samantha Ratnam

Councillor for Moreland, South Ward

I’m a Brunswick local and I love working closely with my community. I care about making Moreland an even better place to live that cares for people and the environment. I will stand for open and transparent local government.

As Mayor of Moreland in 2015, Samantha worked hard to improve the quality of urban development, increase funding for active transport like walking and cycling, implement environmental action to combat climate change and enhance community engagement and consultation. During this time she has held the portfolio areas of social development, social diversity, reconciliation and youth. Samantha currently chairs the reconciliation advisory committee and disability advisory committees.

Samantha has been a social worker for over 15 years in the fields of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, international development, family services and most recently in settlement services for newly arrived migrants from refugee backgrounds. Along with her role on Council, Samantha has worked as the program manager of client services at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Work with Honours and a PhD in Youth Sociology.

During her time on the Moreland City Council, Samantha has worked with Councillors to secure the largest funding commitment to environmental action in order to reduce Moreland’s community carbon emissions to zero, increase the budget for cycling infrastructure by 75% in the first year, fought to protect residents’ appeal rights in planning matters and voted against more poker machines in the city.

Samantha’s vision for Moreland is for a city that creates neighbourhoods that are liveable and sustainable where people can connect with each other. She wants cycling, walking and public transport to take priority over cars and she wants to see an end to developers building poor quality dwellings that maximise their profit at the expense of future residents.