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The cashless welfare card doesn't work. It should be abolished at all trial sites.

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Income management makes people's lives worse 

The Government is currently pursuing legislation to expand and entrench the Cashless Debit Card. The Greens are doing everything we can to stop this legislation from passing the Senate, but we need your help.

Sign the petition to let the Government and crossbench know that our communities want services and support, not income management.

The Cashless Debit Card is a patronising, paternalistic and ideologically driven attempt to manage the money and hence lives of people living below or near the poverty line on income support.

This is a form of compulsory income management and the evidence shows that it does not work.

The Cashless Debit Card takes choice, control and dignity away from people trying to live off very little. So-called trials around the country have shown that it doesn’t work, yet the Government keeps trying to extend the current sites in Ceduna, the East Kimberley, Goldfields and the Hinkler region. They also want to entrench the card in the Northern Territory, where communities have been subjected to income management for over a decade and have seen no reduction in disadvantage.

Instead of punishing people who seek support from our social safety net, we should be properly funding wrap around services and turning our attention to the underlying causes of longterm unemployment and disadvantage. The evidence shows that restricting someone’s cash is not an effective way to stop addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling.

We must, and can do better than the Cashless Debit Card.