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Help us kick corporate influence out of politics and return integrity to government.

WA deserves a Government which is transparent and prioritises people over corporate profit.

However, in WA it is completely legal for political parties to host events or fundraisers that offer access to Government Ministers in return for political donations.

Both Labor and the Libs regularly host fundraisers that cost up to $25,000 a pop in exchange for private chats with Ministers behind closed doors.

Ministers have special powers and make decisions that affect our communities every day. They grant permits, approvals, licences, land rezoning, loans, immunity and have a heap of other legal powers that could be used to benefit their mates.

The major parties’ cash-for-access scheme means that corporate donors with vested interests in industries like mining, gambling and property development are paying to chat with Ministers and potentially influence political decisions.

If you agree that corporations shouldn’t be able to pay buckets of money to influence political decisions, join our campaign for a cleaner democracy!

Together we can kick corporate influence out of politics, return integrity to government and build a future that works for all of us.

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