Justice for Greyhounds

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Greyhounds are gentle and loving dogs that make incredible companion animals for thousands of Australians.

However, current laws in WA make it mandatory for greyhounds to be muzzled in public. These gentle giants are the ONLY breed of dog in Western Australia that are required to be muzzled.

This law stems from the days when greyhounds were viewed as racing pawns only to be exploited for profit and were unfairly labeled as aggressive. This unnecessary muzzling law discourages rehoming and stigmatizes these dogs that are already so mistreated by the racing industry. 

The WA Government is currently reviewing the greyhound muzzling law and will release their report any day now. The ACT and Victoria have already repealed similar laws - we must do the same. Join our campaign to call on the WA Government to repeal the unjust greyhound muzzling law. Together we can advance greyhound rights in Western Australia.