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Fighting For Our Future

Greens in WA have a long history of protecting our forests.

We continue the campaign to protect our forests with a renewed push to protect High Conservation Value (HCV) Forests in WA.

We have 116 HCV forests across our State. They contain rare and threatened ecosystems, vegetation complexes, threatened animal and plant species. Many contain pockets of old growth forest that sit outside of the current conservation reserve system.

It's unacceptable that all 116 are available to be logged. 30 of those forests areas are scheduled for logging by State Government by 2030, with 10 under threat this year!

We are fighting for each tract of threatened forest - join our grassroots campaign as we advocate for changes to the Forests Product Act. Only The Greens will prioritise protecting our native forest for all of us, and we know that the transition to plantations and farm forestry and associated local processing is urgent.