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How We Work


The Greens (WA) is committed to grassroots democracy and consensus decision making. Most meetings operate by consensus, in which the input and ideas of all participants are gathered and synthesised to arrive at a final decision acceptable to all. Through consensus, the Greens (WA) are not only working to achieve better solutions, but also to promote the growth of community and trust. Where possible, Greens (WA) meetings are conducted with people sitting in a circle so all participants can see all the other participants, and everyone is equal.

Regional Groups are the constituent group of the Greens (WA) and manage the affairs of the party within the Regional Group area, including promoting the activities of the Greens in their area.

Greens (WA) party decisions are made at Representatives Council, called ‘Reps’, or ‘Reps Council’, the body governing the state organisation. The Council is made up of the state office bearers (Convenors, Secretary and Treasurer), two representatives from each Regional Group, the coordinators of Working Groups and Members of Parliament.

The two Regional Group representatives are the Permanent Representative and the Rotating Representative. New members are encouraged to attend as the Rotating Representative to gain an insight into the administration and ethos and partake in the consensus-decision making of the Greens. Representatives Council meets monthly and is open to all members.

Proposals for Reps Council can be submitted by any member but are usually written by Regional or Working Groups. Proposals can be on any issue affecting the Party. Proposals are sent to all Regional Groups to discuss at their monthly meetings where, ideally, they reach a decision by consensus. This decision and discussion is then taken to the Reps Council by the Regional Group representatives. Reps then arrives at a final decision by consensus reflecting the wishes of the Party as a whole. Very rarely will a vote be called for. This structure locates decision-making at the grass roots level allowing for the maximum participation of all members.

Consensus can take time and the Party has developed various strategies to combine consensus with strategic response to situations. If urgent decisions are required before a Reps Council meeting, a Quick Decision Making Group may be called. The QDMG is composed of the office bearers and three representatives chosen by Reps Council including one member from the country region. The QDMG operates by consensus and its decisions must be put to the next Reps Council meeting for ratification.


To support the everyday work of The Greens (WA) and to concentrate attention and expertise on issues and strategies identified by the Party, Reps Council has established a number of Working Groups.

The Administration Working Group, one of only two standing working groups, makes day to day decisions about running of the office and administering The Greens (WA) activities.

The National Working Group is the other standing working group and facilitates communications between member bodies of the Greens (WA) and the Australian Greens.

Policy is developed by the Policy Working Group. All members are encouraged to be involved in writing policy and communication is mostly achieved through email and the internet. Core Policies, consisting of preambles and principles must be passed by a ballot of the membership as a whole and have been passed for the four Green pillars:

Detailed policies are developed by members of the Policy Working group and are ratified by either the Reps Council or by the State Election Campaign Committee in the lead up to state elections.

Election Campaign Committees are set up before federal and state elections to run election campaigns. They consist of representatives from Regional groups or from Upper House groups formed before state elections.

Upper House Campaign Groups for the six Upper House regions consist of the pre-selected candidate for that region and members from that region.