Alex Wallace

Candidate for Kalgoorlie

I’m Alex Wallace, your Greens candidate for Kalgoorlie this state election.

I became involved with the Greens due to a lack of action on climate change, little movement on social issues and attack after attack on our education system. The Greens are a movement that has these values right down to their core. We are the only party fighting for real action on climate change, social issues and ensuring our democracy is community led, not corporate influenced.

Social issues have always been at the forefront of my mind. I am a proud non-binary person who grew up in Kal, and I know I am not the only one. There has been such progress in recent years, but the existing services and support for queer people in Goldfields is limited and I would like to see these expanded. 

We also have a large and proud First Nations communities right across the Goldfields.The name Kalgoorlie comes from the Wongutha word “Kulgooluh”, meaning “place of the silky pears”. Their connection to Country is so important, and we cannot have justice without truth, treaty, and voice. We as a community need to work with our First Nations people to ensure we are creating solutions that work for them and their Country. 

The COVID-19 pandemic saw the Goldfields cut off from the rest of WA, which has been challenging for the community. The emotional toll people in the regions felt was enormous, especially being cut off from our families in other areas, like Perth. Our tourism industries faced big declines and our local businesses struggled and continue to struggle. The moratorium on rental evictions is ending soon, and that is creating a sense of anxiety in the community, unsure if they will be required to move, the possibility of rental increases and facing eviction. It is not good enough. Housing security should be a simple thing we can provide across WA, particularly in the Goldfields.

The Goldfields experience the extremes of weather events. The storms generated in the north-west blow towards the area. When cyclones break up, the heavy rainfall has led to flooding. And of course, climate change is seeing longer winters and harsher summers. Last summer we saw the monstrous bushfires that cut off the Eyre and Coolgardie Esperance Highways, leading to food shortages across the state. We need drastic action on climate change, and we need it now. The Goldfields best are positioned to produce mass solar and wind energy for the state and as an export, with year-round sun and wind, and big areas of land to build these facilities.

Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields are my home, and community involvement is part of who I am.  I was involved in the Kambalda community from a very young age. My proudest work was my three-year run on the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Youth Council. During my year as Youth Mayor we conducted large scale consultations which formulated into the Youth Talk Back Time project, leading the City’s first ever youth strategic plan.

In 2013 I was honoured with a nomination for citizen of the year in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Between 2017 and 2020 I also sat on the State’s Ministerial Youth Advisory Council, ensuring the issues and challenges young rural Western Australians faced were being represented at a state level. I’d love to take my experience and passion for advocating our community’s unique needs to State Parliament.

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