Alison Xamon

Lead Candidate for North Metropolitan Region

Hello, I’m Alison Xamon, your Greens candidate for the North Metropolitan Region.

I am WA born and bred and I have lived here my whole life. I am a lawyer with a passion for human rights, a long term environmental and social justice campaigner and am now a Member of Parliament. From my earliest days as a young activist I have campaigned for action on the climate crisis, from back when we used to refer to it as global warming. From protecting our forests, to banning fracking, to upholding rights for all workers to any number of important human rights issues, I come to politics determined to make sure people and our planet come before the corporate donors who fuel the major parties.

As a child bereaved by suicide, I have been a lifelong advocate for mental health and suicide prevention in and out of Parliament. I am proud to have held the role of the President of the Western Australian Association for Mental Health and to have been a member of the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention. I also helped to establish and lead the state-wide Mental Health Network for the Department of Health here in WA.

Before becoming a member of parliament, I worked as an organiser with both the State School Teachers’ Union and the Australian Nursing Federation. I later became a lawyer for the Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union of Australia. My passion for community advocacy comes from my time spent as Chair of the Employment Law Centre and as a member of the board for the Environmental Defenders’ Office and the Women’s Law Centre.

I am so proud to be your Greens member for the North Metropolitan Region. As your member of Parliament I will continue to fight for climate action, political donations reform and community interests over corporate profit.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a time of great uncertainty for all of us. Our health system is strained, tens of thousands of workers have been stood down and small businesses are struggling. Many disabled and older Australians have also been unable to access the supports they need to survive. This pandemic has revealed the gaping holes in our social systems that have for too long prioritised profit over people. We need a plan to protect workers and tackle the social and environmental crisis.

This election we must elect more Greens voices to Parliament so we can address the climate crisis and kick corporate money out of politics. The State Government has continued to make dodgy deals with their fossil fuel donors and ignore the voices of thousands of Western Australians demanding climate action. The biggest barrier to addressing the climate crisis has been political will, which is why this election we must join together to build the biggest grassroots movement our state has ever seen.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. I would love to have a chat with you about how we can build this movement together.


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